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Materials : Birch walnut veneert, Iron, Fabric cord

Dimension : W30 x L30 x H40

Iron Colour : 


Fabric cord colour : 


Light intensity : 100 watt max



DIY Table lamp


Haim Evgi Designer manufactured a lamp from high quality materials and low price that are convenient for everyone, and allows the buyer to share the experience of building a lamp.

The lamp consists of 6 parts that connect them together by 4 screws, quick and easy connection of the parts creates a unique and classical lamp

The lamp can be on every desk and illuminated any space in soft light.

The lamp body is made of Birch in American walnut veneer coating, the author connects the wooden parts made of powder paint coating iron, a lamp holder and screws made of brass, and fabric cable all the materials give a quality finish and elegant lamp.

KAVO lamp comes in a cardboard packaging , and a small screwdriver for assembly waiting for a buyer in the packaging.







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